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Digmesa and Digmesa Polyform become one!

In the future, Digmesa AG and Digmesa Polyform AG will not only be united locally: As of January 1, 2024, Digmesa AG and Digmesa Polyform AG have officially merged into a unified entity, marking a significant step towards our future collaboration and growth.

👉 The fusion allows us to intensify our cooperation and thus strengthen our competitiveness.
👉 All employees of the former Digmesa Polyform AG will remain with us. We look forward to continuing the cooperation and thank everybody for their continued loyalty!
👉 Digmesa Polyform AG, now Digmesa AG, is and will continue to be your competent partner in the field of plastic injection molding. The fusion enables us to further expand our product portfolio for you.

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Erneuerte ISO Zertifizierungen!

We have renewed our ISO certifications! 🎖️

The two ISO 9001 (Quality management system) and ISO 14001 (Environmental management system) certifications are valid for the next three years and confirm that the relevant requirements have been met.

Find all our certifications on our website: Website.

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Digmesa at BrauBeviale 2023!


Come and visit us at this year’s BrauBeviale in Nüremberg!

We are looking forward to meet you. Find us at Stand 232 in Hall 6.

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Digmesa at Aquatech Amsterdam 2023!

Nothing to do on 6-9 November?  Why not come and visit us at this year’s Aquatech Amsterdam?

You’ll find us at the Swiss Pavilion of Swissenviro GmbH for a massive load of Swissness. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Digmesa at HOST Milano 2023!

We will be present at this year’s HOST Milano!  Visit us at our booth in Hall 24P at Stand L03 M04. Our exhibitors will happily share their expertise with you and introduce you to the world of flow.

We are looking forward to your visit at our stand.

In the meantime, feel free to check us out on the exhibitor portal.

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Farewell, Marco Meier!

After 30 years of working together, our Sales Director South is going into his well deserved retirement. We conducted one last interview with him.

We would like to thank him very much for the wonderful cooperation over many years and the many joint achievements.

Read the interview with Marco Meier

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Meet the new NANO BRASS AVS – a new member of the popular NANO family!

The NANO BRASS AVS is not only compact and high resolution but is also directly connectable to the hose thanks to its push-in connectors by AVS Römer.

Want to know more? Check it out on our website or order a sample in our shop.

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It’s finally available! The new CombiSensor

Our new and unique flow measurement sensor – the CombiSensor – combines three measurands: Conductivity, temperature and flow.

The CombiSensor Digital FHKU JG 3/8 is now available in our shop.

Want to know more about our 3 in 1 solution? Check out our website.

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Digmesa combines innovation with sustainability

For our customer Droople we have developed another low-power version of the Combisensor. The requirement was that the application has to last 10 years with one battery.

Droople uses the sensors not only to measure flow, but also temperature and conductivity.

What do they achieve with this specially customized sensor?
Come and find out in the video we made together!

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Leading the way to virtually lead-free brass!

The measuring tubes of the Nano Brass are now made from EcoBrass with a significantly lower lead content (from <0.2% to now <0.1%).

This gives us a good feeling about health and safety for all our customers’ applications, especially involving food and drink.

Want to know more? Check out our landingpage.

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Marco, Sales Director of Sales South at Digmesa, sees the source for success and stability in a readiness for innovation and adaption to the market.

Marco, I heard you have been working at Digmesa for thirty years now, congratulations!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your job here?

30 years ago, while looking for new work experience, I met Heinz Plüss, founder of Digmesa AG, who immediately conveyed his enthusiasm for a product that was at that time little known on the market: the turbine (or paddle) flowmeter for low flows.

So I started marketing these products in Italy, later to be joined by Spain, Portugal and South America.

What has changed during these years, what is the situation now and what do you expect for Digmesa in the future?

Over the years, both customers and applications have grown, and in some cases, what had been a niche product has become a mass market product. 

Thanks to this, Digmesa‘s entire structure has adapted to keep up with the markets, with a constantly evolving sales department. We invested in R&D with new products and materials that comply with international standards, also with an increasingly automated production, and a personalised customer service.

Can you give us an idea of the changes in order patterns and customer management? Is this becoming more flexible and cooperative, what is the general trend here?

Over the years we have learned to match the increasing demands of the markets, and we will continue to do so with motivation and determination. 

At the moment Digmesa is handling the shortage of components excellently, which means we have no delays in deliveries.

Get the Interview here as a PDF

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Stefan Schneider, CEO of Digmesa, talks about agility, automation and digitalization.

Stefan, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your job at Digmesa?

After my studies in engineering I started as a development engineer 20 years ago. Shortly after my employment, I got the chance to take on the position of head of development. In this position I was allowed to expand and reorganize the development department. 

During my work as a developer, I was able to accompany many of the products that Digmesa sells today from the beginning to the production phase. It still fills me with pride when I see these products today and recognize my part in the success of Digmesa.

I have been managing Digmesa AG since 2017. In my daily work I try, together with all employees, to further develop the company and create a solid basis for the future. The consideration of the Digmesa values and the ideas of the founder Heinz Plüss are extremely important to me.

What has changed during these years, what is the situation now and what do you expect for Digmesa in the future?

Digmesa AG has grown significantly over the past 20 years. Today, Digmesa AG is more diversified and much broader than it used to be. Digmesa AG has always understood how to tackle the necessary changes and therefore has developed itself in a very positive manner. Today, for example, we are much more agile and much closer to the customer than before. We have also increased the degree of automation and digitalization in the processes. We will move on this way in the future. Thanks to our focus on the value stream we will continue to increase efficiency, customer benefit and quality. Despite all past and future changes, we put great importance to respect our corporate values. As in the past, we want to be a reliable, competent and fair partner for our customers, our suppliers and last but not least for our employees.

Can you give us an idea of the changes in order patterns and customer management? Is this becoming more flexible and cooperative, what is the general trend here?

The trend that customers order their goods at a short notice and expect delivery on the exact day has lasted for a long time. We have adjusted our processes to these customer requirements in recent years. The pandemic, which has been very prevalent over the past two years, has slowed this trend. Due to the difficulties in procurement and deliveries, we had to look for solutions together with our customers to manage these difficulties. Tanks to our closeness to the customers and the increased exchange of information, we were able to receive orders much earlier, which was very important and helpful for our ability to deliver on time. However, we assume that this is more of a temporary situation and that short-term orders will return to normal.

Would you share some insider knowledge with us? Which new possibilities does the NANO flow meter offer in comparison to the classic FHKSC?

The flow sensor FHKSC has been the standard product for use in domestic coffee machines for many years. With the nano sensor we have realized a smaller, more flexible alternative we are very proud of. The advantages of the new product approach are obvious: thanks to its small design and position independence, the nano can be placed anywhere in the coffee machine. The coffee machine manufacturer has a significantly higher degree of freedom in this regard. The measuring range and the measuring accuracy are comparable for both products. The most important technical advantage is the measurement resolution, which is many times higher with the nano. 

The nano is the perfect choice when a small design, position independence or a higher resolution is required. But sometimes it is just the technical fascination for this innovative product that is decisive!

Get the interview here as PDF

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Interview with Thomas Studer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Digmesa

Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing at Digmesa, stresses the importance of focusing on local providers and a supplier-customer relationship based on respect.

Thomas, would you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your job at Digmesa?

I was born in Biel, the bilingual and multicultural world capital of the watch industry. And since my studies I have been dealing with measurement technology. Be it with X-rays, oscillating beams, laser light, pistons or, since Digmesa, with turbine technology. For 9 years at Digmesa, I‘ve been thrilled every day to discover new applications with the team and to tackle individual measurement solutions together with customers. I love sport and enjoy nature, and for a short time I have been enthusiastic about cross-country skiing in the forests of the Jura.

What do you think about the current scarcity of raw materials and what will this mean for your customers?

A very good question. And personally, I think we should again focus more on the values and advantages of local providers. Digmesa has maintained this philosophy since it was founded over 38 years ago and has therefore been spared from bottlenecks so far.

Can you give us an idea of the changes in order patterns and customer relations?

Is this becoming more flexible and cooperative, what is the general trend here? The entire supply chain is currently under enormous pressure. This also promotes the exchange with the customers and so today, we have long-term order prospects which greatly improves the security of supply for the customer. And I have noticed that the supplier is increasingly viewed as a partner. A declaration of respect that makes me even mor excited.


Get the Interview here as a PDF

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Getting better for you every day!

We are happy to introduce Open Shuttle, our new autonomous logistics robot. It connects the injection moulding area with our main assembly hall.

If you want to see Open Shuttle at work, and even hear what it has to say about its job, take a look here!

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We are looking for INDEPENDENT SALES AGENTS who detect actively volume business in the following industries for our FLOWMETERS:

– Coffee Machine manufacturers
– Sterilization and Disinfection manufacturers
– Water filter Producers
– Water cooling circuit manufacturers
– Producers of liquid dispensers (beer tapping, wending machines)

You should be able to identify projects in these target industries. You should have access to the project- and development teams in the target companies.
Once the flowmeter is approved by the manufacturer and on the BOM (Bill of Materials), your mission is completed. No need for after sales services, invoice reminder, or any kind of operational communication with the customer.

You are already be involved with other actuators or sensors in hydraulic circuits (Valves, pressure- or temperature sensors). You may even be an agent or distributor for other flowmeters, given they don´t work in the same flow-range as Digmesa´s products. You work alone or in a small team. You are motivated and inspired by the contacts and potential projects in the industry and doesn’t require constant stimulation from Digmesa.

Digmesa is happy to support you with an experienced and motivated Sales-, Development and Production team out of Switzerland.

Digmesa will reward your success based on a percentage of the generated revenues.

If you are interested or if you have any more questions, please contact our Agent-Manager Samuel Morgenthaler.

Phone: +41 32 332 77 10

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Jean Bouteille France – On the Cutting Edge with our EPI!

Probably our most interesting customer innovation lately; our collaboration with Jean Bouteille in France. They equip stores with liquid dispensers, containing a variety of either oils, wines and/or vinegars. Customers fill the bottles they brought with them themselves and pay according to volume.

Although not high-priced liquids, the whole process is of high quality and leaves a low environmental footprint while increasing the purchasing power of the consumer at the same time. Moreover, as an option, Jean Bouteille replaces the used, dirty bottles by new ones in the stores with their dispensers. Customers can save money, reduce their waste and are free to choose the quantity they wish.

To sum up, Jean Bouteille associates two modes of ecological consumption to save the consumer money: the bulk system and the returnable bottle system.

Our EPI was installed between said container and the filler neck. Its oval wheels guarantee an optimal measurement of the viscous liquids.

We keep you posted. For more in-depth questions or queries, please contact our Thank you.

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Digmesa and its sister company are soon to expand…

The new building on Keltenstrasse will simplify work processes and enable further growth. The excavators are already working. Today, Digmesa has 65 employees and annual sales of around 20 million Swiss francs. It sells more than ten million ‘flow sensors’ in the coffee machine industry alone. Twelve meters high, the new building will be. It will be connected by an intermediate terrace part that is connected with the old building. The message is clear: Digmesa will continue to grow, as it has always done with some exceptions in recent years. Want to keep an eye on the progress? Click here and see through the lens of the webcam:

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Collaboration with DRINKOTEC

DIGMESA is delighted to announce a collaboration with DRINKOTEC. DRINKOTEC designs, engineers and installs beverage management solutions for HoReCa players as well as Beverage makers.

‘In working together with DIGMESA, we are looking to enhance precision, take further the quality of our solutions and expand Swiss technology leadership in the market’, said Laurent Baechler, Director of Innovation at DRINKOTEC.

With the introduction of a new range of products, DRINKOTEC brings unprecedented experience in beverage monitoring and control to the market. ‘LevelUP’ will be the first product to be created in collaboration with DIGMESA. This sensor works both in an autonomous version and in a version with an LTE connection. The premium version of the ‘LevelUP App’ will be able to translate the tapped volume in real time, analyse the peak activity, monitor the technical performance of the pipe, with data such as ambient and cooling system temperature, as well as pipe pressure.

‘DRINKOTEC and DIGMESA share common values. Innovation, quality and technology. A perfect starting position’, said Thomas Studer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Digmesa.

The flow rate measurement sensor chosen to make new solutions possible, is the well-known FHK(U) from DIGMESA, an all-rounder liquid flow sensor.

We expect further new innovations and products from this Swiss collaboration in the coming quarters!

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Digmesa Sensors pass Food Contact Regulations

Flow Sensor FHKSC and Nano sensors have passed a wide range of country-specific tests and can be used worldwide for food contact (e.g., in coffee machines). There are corresponding declarations of conformity available which can, on request, be forwarded to your B2B customers.

Contact your Digmesa Account Manager or contact us at

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New Product Presentation Case

Good selling is something difficult. People would like to be told a clear and short story. They would like to understand straight away how our value proposition is going to integrate with their business.

A lot of people respond better to information in visual form. We have therefore created a new and updated Product Presentation Case. Please contact if you wish more information or a visit from Digmesa.

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Digmesa’s new and unique flow rate measurement sensor – the CombiSensor – combines three measurands: temperature, conductance and flow rate.

In recent years, electrical conductivity as a measurand has rapidly developed to become a general quality indicator for water quality. In sectors such as water filters, heating filling or cooling circuits, threshold values are prescribed by law or at least recommended. In addition, the units are becoming ever smaller and electrical conductivity is often needed along with temperature and flow rate for process control. Temperature-compensated conductometry is frequently called for.
Digmesa’s response: the CombiSensor.

Digmesa’s CombiSensor reduces your price pressure!
The new CombiSensor offers you further rationalisation and simplification of recording and processing measurement values. The benefits for you: more compact units, reduced cable length, lower installation effort and a competitive edge.

To sum up in brief:

  • 3-in-One CombiSensor
  • Measures electrical conductivity, flow rate and temperature
  • Electrical conductivity from 0 to 20 mS/cm (temperature-compensated)
  • Flow rate from 0.04 to 30 l/min
  • Analog outputs or RS 485 – Modbus; various process connections

Unique and only from Digmesa!

Contact us for a sample ( 
or find out more here.

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LoRaWAN instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Solution?

Water filter cartridges whose resin binds the undesirable calcium ions must be replaced after a defined flow volume. Larger cartridge-based water softeners trigger an alarm once the maximum capacity has been reached. As a general rule, an indication of the necessary filter change is only visible or audible in the immediate vicinity of the filter. Remote alarm initiation would remedy this problem. The methods commonly employed up to now for remote reading of flow rates and/or residual filter capacity and remote alarm initiation are unsatisfactory: the costs of implementation via a GSM connection are too high, the app solution via Bluetooth has a range of just a few metres and access to a WLAN gateway is insecure. Remote monitoring of filters via LoRaWAN networks offers an intelligent, cost-effective solution.

More Information

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Winterthur Instruments

It all started as a project at the University of Applied Sciences. The two responsible professors eventually founded a start-up company called ‘Winterthur Instruments’ back in 2011.

Said innovative company develops and sells measuring system technologies that measure and test industrial coatings quickly, non-contact and non-destructively. The applied ‘Coatmaster-Technology’ is an award-winning, patented technology that enables a measurement of the layer thickness very early in the production process.
In the meantime, the product has been integrated into highly automated production lines and this in more than 200 production sites in Europe and Asia.
Since its foundation, Winterthur Instruments has grown 100% year on year and has been supported by Digmesa since 2015 – and Digmesa was able to fully meet the quality requirements. Digmesa’s FHK ensures the monitoring of the cooling circuit in the ‘Inline Coatmaster’.
Flow Sensor FHK Technical Information
Coatmaster Products

And this is why we are Winterthur Instrument’s preferred partner:
Generally we offer proven Swiss quality, customer proximity, wide product assortment and variety when compositioning a flow meter (material, connections, etc.)
Our personal customer visits are greatly appreciated. The personal discussions and our understanding of the application, means we can respond specifically to customer-specific projects.
Our knowledge, combined with quality awareness, are our strengths. This often results in a better pricing too.

Contact us if you are after some more in-depth information:

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New Certificates

We are happy to inform you that Digmesa has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

for the activities in Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution of Liquid Flowmeters as well as Controlling Electronics.
The certificates are valid from December 14th, 2017 until December 13th, 2020.
This has been authorised by SGS, Swiss Société de Surveillance SA.

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For more Growth and Profit: Our Nano Products pay off!

Digmesa has sold over 90 Million FHKSC flow sensors used in coffee machines – making us the market leader. The new Nano Family is your chance to gain more business in a SMART and efficient way!

We have already produced and sold over 3 Million pieces of the new Nano generation. Nano has shown it is exceeding the highest demands. Impressed by its effective design and its unique features, we have had a lot of interest in this product.

Customers love the outstanding price-performance ratio without sacrificing the proven ‘Swiss Quality’ standard. Digmesa is proud to be a preferred partner for a number of very successful companies around the globe.

For good reasons:
The ‘Nano Family’ Sensors…

  • are suitable for both; the household and professional coffee machine industry
  • have a unique compact and lightweight design
  • offer a freely selectable mounting position
  • have a possible low operating voltage (2.5 VDC)
  • are food standard approved (NSF169, LFGB EU 1935/2004, CE and RoHS)
  • have a high accuracy and reliability
  • offer great savings for shipping and storage
  • are cost effective
  • are Swiss Quality precision manufactured
  • are also available in customised solutions

Nano sets new standards!
We fulfil the highest demands and trends of the coffee machine market. Don’t miss this occasion and contact us for a free sample.

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Digmesa offers clever OEM Solutions

Our OEM solutions are outstanding and we are proud to offer a wide range of services:

  • Development of specific solutions to measure fluid output
  • Integration of solutions into existing systems
  • Development of products; in line with specific standards
  • Flexible production volume (from one to hundreds of thousands)
  • Swiss quality precision manufactured
  • ISO 9001 certification

Digmesa will be happy to find a solution for your project!

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We extend our Quality Management Standards

Digmesa Management has decided to extend the existing Quality Management System to meet new demands and requirements from the customer side. We plan to achieve ISO Environmental Certification ‘ISO 14001-2015’ as well as the update for our Quality System to standard ‘ISO 9001-2015’. Those are planned for autumn 2017.

We are very happy to be able to meet the increasing requirements of our customers with these steps.

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OEM Medical Solution Powered By Digmesa

KORMORAN11, the UROFLOW-SCREENING solution from OEM Digmesa is an example of how we respond to our clients’ needs, in this case developing an idea and making it workable both technically and financially. Digmesa was taking part in the creation of a Consumer Product which will be launched on to the market in 2018 at the end of its test phase.

KORMORAN11 is a system for monitoring voiding dysfunctions, e.g. due to an enlarged prostate. What is innovative about it, is that it is designed for medical care at home, away from the pressures of an appointment with a specialist and in total privacy. KORMORAN11 is a pre-diagnostic device that takes a basic measurement of maximum Uroflow (Qmax) output and the purpose of which is to highlight for men, who are afraid of urological diseases to consult a specialist. 60% of men over 50 years of age have an enlarged prostate, 30% are suffering. KORMORAN11 guides and encourages them to see an urologist early enough.

The research and development department at Digmesa has been able to develop a project by the German company Earliebirdie, allowing KORMORAN11 to take shape while finding solutions to the technical constraints imposed for products used in the field of urological medicine.

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FHKU LCD Tutorial Video also available in German

Digmesa’s German ‘Tutorial FHKU LCD’ has been uploaded on Youtube and our Website


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FHKU LCD Tutorial Video in English is online

Digmesa’s ‘Tutorial FHKU LCD’ has been uploaded on Youtube and our Website


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Digmesa receives NSF/ANSI 372 Certification – an extension of the NSF/ANSI 61 Certification

Digmesa is proud to announce, that it has attained NSF/ANSI 372 certification for flow sensors and the facilities that manufacture them. Digmesa FHKU LCD Grivory G3/8” and G3/4” sensors fully comply with the new low-lead requirements of the 2014 U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.

For more information please visit the follow Link.

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Customer Highlight – Bystronic

Our sensors in laser cutting machines? Yes!

Bystronic sells machines that process metal sheets. Their portfolio includes laser- and water jet cutting systems.

Digmesa was contacted due the fact that the laser head developed a very high temperature which in turn needed cooling. For the monitoring of the lasers performance and the cooling of the lasers head they were looking for a flow sensor and we are proud to say that Digmesa has been able to match their requests.

Our ‘FMFG Arnite’ is now built into the cooling system for its regulation. The exact temperature is now accurately measured before and after the lasers head to obtain ultimate performance. This story just shows how varied our market potential is!

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Digmesa launches new Website

Our team has been working hard over the last few months in order to deliver a fresh website.
We hope you use this new Website frequently and that it becomes a favourite working tool to you.

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Digmesa launches NANO and gives customers the chance to gain more business!

NANO has a unique compact and lightweight design, is highly accurate and offers great performances for shipping and storage. It can furthermore flexibly be placed in any desired spatial arrangement. With its solid and yet very compact housing and sealed electronics, NANO is perfectly tailored to fulfil the highest demands and trends of the household coffee machine manufacturers. It fits in the tightest space in the smallest machines, fulfilling the design trends of today. And on top of all that NANO’s price is below that of the FHKSC. NANO sets new standards!

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Customer Highlight – Thermoplan

The taste of great coffee, the sights and the sounds of a coffee shop; all in one meter by one meter square unit?
This is what COSTA Enterprises – been voted the UK’s favourite coffee shop for the third year in a row – have developed with Intel, Microsoft, Ferrari-Designer Pininfarina and Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Thermoplan.

A machine that appeals to all five human senses.

Digmesa’s has been selected as the flow-sensor supplier on this project. The customised ‘FHK flat’ was the ideal solution for this truly new experience. Digmesa brought together quality, flexibility, reliability and outstanding customer service and pro-active support. This Premium Vending Machine has proven a true audience magnet at various exhibitions and we are proud to be the preferred partner for this project – the first of its kind.

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NANO BRASS has delivered what it promised…

Our significant addition to the FH product line-up – the NANO BRASS – has impressed by its effective design and its unique features. We have had a lot of interest in this product in the first month already.

Compared to other devices on the market, customers loved the outstanding price – performance ratio without sacrificing the proven ‘Swiss quality’ standard. In implementing NANO BRASS, customers profit from its price and easy shipping and storage.

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New Distributor in Greece – Control Experts

We are happy to announce that Control Experts has joined our international distributor network as per January 14.
Mr. Vasilios Theodorou and his team will offer the whole Digmesa product range to its customers. Control Experts’ main objective is the efficient and complete servicing of all clienteles resulting in strong and long term partnerships.

Welcome to our distribution team Control Experts!