• cost effective
  • compact
  • reliable

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The FHKSC flow sensor is perfectly suited for applications requiring good quality at an attractive price, for instance in coffee machines for home use. It is installed on the pump’s suction side. Its light-weight design and flexible choice of connection position perfectly match manufacturers’ requirements. With millions of units shipped every year, this flow sensor is also extremely reliable: it has a return rate of practically zero.

 Flow Range
nozzle size flow rate
1.0 mm 0.05 – 0.40 l/min
1.2 mm 0.08 – 0.57 l/min
1.8 mm 0.09 – 0.90 l/min
2.0 mm 0.14 – 0.91 l/min
2.7 mm 0.33 – 3.13 l/min
  • PBT (Arnite)
  • PVDF
Flow Sensor FHKSC
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