• lead free brass housing
  • compact and robust design
  • cost effective

product details

NANO BRASS is a very cost-effective sensor device perfectly tailored to fulfill the highest demands of the professional coffee machine manufacturers.
With its solid and yet very compact lead-free brass housing and sealed electronics, this device is designed to be the successor of the well-proven FH.

Flow Range
nozzle size flow rate
1.0 mm 0.035 – 0.4 l/min
1.2 mm 0.05 – 0.50 l/min
1.4 mm 0.06 – 0.70 l/min
1.7 mm up to 1 l/min
Brass (lead free brass, uncoated) (CW510L)
Flowmeter nano brass

the new original»

With this innovative reinvention of the well-proven original, Digmesa is ready for the current and upcoming challenges in the world of professional coffee machines.
– Stefan Schneider, CEO
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