• modular
  • flexible
  • u-shaped flow path

product details

The Classicline FHK and FHKU are also available with a display to enable simple, direct monitoring of the flowing medium. This display can be integrated into the upper part of the device, or it can be delivered separately and connected via a cable. This device is ideal for applications such as checking for compliance with maintenance cycles in water filters due to its many functions, such as count-down, count-up, display of instantaneous flow rate, timed control and data storage.

Flow Range
nozzle size flow rate
1.0 mm 0.03 – 0.60 l/min
1.2 mm 0.03 – 0.75 l/min
2.0 mm 0.10 – 2.30 l/min
2.5 mm 0.15 – 3.80 l/min
5.6 mm 0.18 – 8.30 l/min
  • PPS
  • PBT (Arnite)
  • PVDF
Flow Sensor FHK
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