• battery powered display
  • integral or external LCD
  • option for all FHK / FHK(U)

product details

For easy and convenient control of liquid flow, the Flowmeters FHK and FHK(U) are available with optional Display. The display can be integral or remote.
Many features, such as count-up (totalizer), count-down, current flow rate, timer settings with alert function  and history values make this device ideal for monitoring the lifetime of water filter cartridges.
Also for draft beer systems in Pubs and Bars that want to have easy and convenient inventory control for a limited number of beer lines, where a large POS System is not required,  these small and cost-effective stand-alone devices are the ideal solution. Thanks to the integral John Guest SpeedFit fittings, they can easily be connected to existing beer lines.

count-up (totalizer), count-down shows the total volume of flow
current flow rate shows the current flow rate
alert (date) shows the alarm date
history the last 5 totalizer values are stored as history values
Flow Range
nozzle size flow rate
1.0 mm 0.04 – 00.60 l/min
1.2 mm 0.05 – 0.80 l/min
2.0 mm 0.10 – 2.40 l/min
2.5 mm 0.15 – 3.80 l/min
5.6 mm 0.30 – 9.30 l/min
7.0 mm 1.40 – 18.00 l/min
10.0 mm 3.00 – 30.00 l/min
  • PBT (Arnite)
  • PPS
  • PVDF
Flow Sensor FHK(U) LCD

Tutorial Film FHK(U) LCD

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