• contactless measurement
  • fast response time
  • straight-through, unobstructed flow path

product details

Today’s technical standards for flow sensors require measurements to be fast, accurate, and economical, while simultaneously not contributing contaminants to the fluid and providing long sensor life. Digmesa investigated the issue and concluded that the ultrasonic flow sensor
could be reinvented. The result is a new ultrasonic flow sensor that interprets the well-established ultrasonic time of flight technology. Due to the diagonal measurement, this configuration provides highly accurate and repeatable results and a very fast response time. Additionally, mechanical improvements are integrated into the design by the use of one seamless inline injection moulded piece, eliminating dead ends or dead-legs.
Applications range from handling high-purity liquids and slurries in the semiconductor or chemical industries, to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, to the food and beverage market. Today’s technical standards for these industries all require the highest precision and a careful choice of materials.

Flow Range
material flow rate
PA66 0.10 – 12.00 l/min
PEEK 0.10 – 20.00 l/min
PFA 0.10 – 20.00 l/min
 Outputs Pulse / Analog / 2 programmable outputs
 Inputs 2 programmable inputs
Flow Sensor sonic

 Flow Sensor SONIC – DIGMESA Product Film

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