Probably our most interesting customer innovation lately; our collaboration with Jean Bouteille in France. They equip stores with liquid dispensers, containing a variety of either oils, wines and/or vinegars. Customers fill the bottles they brought with them themselves and pay according to volume.

Although not high-priced liquids, the whole process is of high quality and leaves a low environmental footprint while increasing the purchasing power of the consumer at the same time. Moreover, as an option, Jean Bouteille replaces the used, dirty bottles by new ones in the stores with their dispensers. Customers can save money, reduce their waste and are free to choose the quantity they wish.

To sum up, Jean Bouteille associates two modes of ecological consumption to save the consumer money: the bulk system and the returnable bottle system.

Our EPI was installed between said container and the filler neck. Its oval wheels guarantee an optimal measurement of the viscous liquids.

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