DIGMESA is delighted to announce a collaboration with DRINKOTEC. DRINKOTEC designs, engineers and installs beverage management solutions for HoReCa players as well as Beverage makers.

‘In working together with DIGMESA, we are looking to enhance precision, take further the quality of our solutions and expand Swiss technology leadership in the market’, said Laurent Baechler, Director of Innovation at DRINKOTEC.

With the introduction of a new range of products, DRINKOTEC brings unprecedented experience in beverage monitoring and control to the market. ‘LevelUP’ will be the first product to be created in collaboration with DIGMESA. This sensor works both in an autonomous version and in a version with an LTE connection. The premium version of the ‘LevelUP App’ will be able to translate the tapped volume in real time, analyse the peak activity, monitor the technical performance of the pipe, with data such as ambient and cooling system temperature, as well as pipe pressure.

‘DRINKOTEC and DIGMESA share common values. Innovation, quality and technology. A perfect starting position’, said Thomas Studer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Digmesa.

The flow rate measurement sensor chosen to make new solutions possible, is the well-known FHK(U) from DIGMESA, an all-rounder liquid flow sensor.

We expect further new innovations and products from this Swiss collaboration in the coming quarters!