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we measure all liquids

Digmesa flow sensors can be found around the world. Numerous renowned customers control and measure liquids in a number of segments: the food and beverage industry, the industrial-, chemical-, medical- and laboratory technology as well as the semiconductor industry and the high-tech sector. Any kind of medium in any kind of application – within the measuring range of small and micro quantities, Digmesa can offer and optimal solution. With Digmesa’s flow sensors you are for instance ready when it comes to thousands of beer thursty spectators that need to be served during a short break in a big sports stadium. Besides we can guarantee a stable quality for household and industrial coffee machines.

Moreover, our flow sensors are successfully used in the industrial environment: whether for the controlling of delicate cooling circuits in laser cutting machines, the optimal use of cleaning chemicals or the most accurate use of chemicals in swimming pools or filter systems.
Digmesa flow sensors monitor the whole process to ensure that a liquid has in fact been dispensed – even under the hardest of conditions. For instance in hospitals where aggressive media such as acids and bases must be controlled when disinfecting equipment and surgical instruments. For areas where total hygiene, contactless fluid handling and fastest response times are essential – as in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry – Digmesa offers the ideal solution with highly specialised instruments based on laser or ultrasound technology.
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