It all started as a project at the University of Applied Sciences. The two responsible professors eventually founded a start-up company called ‘Winterthur Instruments’ back in 2011.

Said innovative company develops and sells measuring system technologies that measure and test industrial coatings quickly, non-contact and non-destructively. The applied ‘Coatmaster-Technology’ is an award-winning, patented technology that enables a measurement of the layer thickness very early in the production process.
In the meantime, the product has been integrated into highly automated production lines and this in more than 200 production sites in Europe and Asia.
Since its foundation, Winterthur Instruments has grown 100% year on year and has been supported by Digmesa since 2015 – and Digmesa was able to fully meet the quality requirements. Digmesa’s FHK ensures the monitoring of the cooling circuit in the ‘Inline Coatmaster’.
Flow Sensor FHK Technical Information
Coatmaster Products

And this is why we are Winterthur Instrument’s preferred partner:
Generally we offer proven Swiss quality, customer proximity, wide product assortment and variety when compositioning a flow meter (material, connections, etc.)
Our personal customer visits are greatly appreciated. The personal discussions and our understanding of the application, means we can respond specifically to customer-specific projects.
Our knowledge, combined with quality awareness, are our strengths. This often results in a better pricing too.

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