Flow-Range ~0.05-20 l/min (0.05-12 l/min in PPA)
Accuracy +/- 2%
Response time ~50 ms
Inner tube diameter 1/2"
Material measurement tube PFA, PEEK, PPA
Measurable liquids Liquids with no or low contamination
Product under development - Coming soon!


The ultrasonic measurement technology used in this flow sensor is based on measuring the speed of sound in the flowing medium (transit time). The shape of  the measurement chamber is particularly remarkable in this device. It allows nearly straight, undisturbed flow and is easy to clean. The measuring tube is made from a single piece without any particle traps (which can occur, for example, when pieces are welded together). Bubbles are also prevented from accumulating since they are simply washed right through. The medium under measurement contacts only the high-quality plastic of the measuring tube. In addition to these mechanical benefits, the device is capable of covering a very large measurement range (0.05 to 20 l/min) with outstanding accuracy. The Ultrasonic Flow Sensor was specially developed for use in the semiconductor industry. However, it also has universal applications in industry as well as in the chemical and foodstuffs sectors.