Flow-Range ~1-60 ml/ min
Accuracy Better 1%
Response time ~50 ms
Inner tube diameter 4 mm
Material measurement tube Sapphire glass
Measurable liquids Clear water- and alcohol-based liquids
Product under development - Coming soon!


The Digmesa Laser Flow Sensor is making its debut boasting a revolutionary new measurement technique. Due to its expandability down into the microlitre/minute range, this laser flow sensor is especially suited for very small flow rates. It is extremely precise and has lightning fast response times from 20 to 50 milliseconds, enabling it to measure practically any water- or alcohol-based medium. Thanks to its straight and continuous measuring tube made of sapphire glass with no foreign bodies, the measurement process is entirely contactless. Close co-operation with leading partners in the semiconductor sector resulted in perfect adaptation of the device to meet the requirements of measuring and metering photoresists. Further target markets include the pharmaceutical sector along with analytical applications in the laboratory area and chemical technology. Laser measurement technology is still very young and capable of expansion in many directions. Accordingly, many more innovations may be expected in this area in the future.