Flow Rate l/min
Nozzle Min Max
1.0 mm 0.03 0.60
1.2 mm 0.03 0.75
2.0 mm 0.10 2.30
2.5 mm 0.15 3.80
5.6 mm 0.18 8.30
Output Signal
Arnite, PPS (Ryton), PA (Grivory), PVDF
Application examples
Chemistry, Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Beverage


The universal Classicline FHK or FHKU is used in practically every imaginable field, such as in the foodstuffs, chemical, industrial and semiconductor sectors. The two versions differ in the position of their connections: In the FHK, they are side by side, while in the FHKU, they are opposite each other. This flow sensor is available in many
different configurations and can easily be adapted to meet special customer requirements. The newly developed ceramic bearing is also suitable for applications requiring continuous day-and-night operation.