Flow Rate l/min
Nozzle Min Max
4.0 mm 0.22 7.75
5.0 mm 0.35 11.50
6.0 mm 0.35 16.20
Output Signal
PBT (Arnite), PVDF
Application examples
Beverages, sparkling fermented beverages (foam detection)


Imagine it’s half-time break. The order arrives: 50,000 beers, please! Here, when connected in series for simultaneous beer dispensing, the Classicline FF provides an outstanding solution. It was the first flow sensor in Germany to obtain SK certification for beer, and is now a top seller. It can be opened without any tools for easy cleaning. The version with a jewel bearing allows the mounting position to be chosen freely. Moreover, with the optional integrated foam probe, it measures only the actual amount of liquid that has been transferred. This prevents errors caused by carbonated gas when the line is empty.