Display 14-segment digital display with 8 digits allows for displaying scrolling text, numbers and units, including decimal point and inverted comma
Backlight Optional (external power supply necessary)
Elektronics 16-bit microcontroller
Temperature Range - 10°C to + 60°C
Power Supply Lithium Coin Cell (CR2032, possible operation > 5 years, depending on configuration)), or 5-28VDC external supply, or Two-Wire Current Loop 4-20mA
Output Options Two-Wire Current Loop 4-20mA, or Alarm Signals (relay, open collector), or Serial Interface
Not all options included in standard version. Customer specific versions available on request.


The new FC Pro is a flow rate / totalizer display that can be used in
combination with the full range of Digmesa Flow Sensors. Available in two versions, either mounted to the Flow Sensor or cable connected for remote display mounting, this provides a highly functional and flexible solution for monitoring and controlling liquid flow. Features:
- flow rate indicator
- flow totalizer
- flow control (digital alarm for low and high flow)
- signal conversion (pulse to analog)