Control/monitoring 3 flow sensors, 1 pump, 2 level probes, 3 valves (quantity metering), 1 valve (timed metering, e.g. for tea)
Dosing 4 portion sizes settable per line
Display 2-line, multiple languages, 3 keypads possible
Application examples Professional coffee machines
USB interface Windows software (configuration, cup size, evaluations)


What exactly does it take for a properly adjusted professional coffee machine to produce the same creamy cup of cappuccino every single time? Ideally, a CMC Pro dosing control device! Up to 3 keypads (with a maximum of 6 keys) as well as a 16 x 2 display can be connected. The display brightness can be adjusted using a dimmer. 7 230 VAC outputs are available to connect up to 6 electrovalves and a pump. Five inputs are available to connect 3 flow sensors and 2 liquid level sensors. All that’s missing is a creative barista to add a lovely design to a bonnet of milk foam!